How to Focus on Your Work


Do you find it hard to focus on your work? Three keys to focus on your work are to plan ahead, avoid distractions and train your brain. Once you develop a routine you will be more productive and reach your goals. A manager can have a lot on their plate which makes it hard to focus on your work. A steady stream of emails, phone calls, employees and tasks all demanding your … [Read More...]

Improve Productivity With Kaizen

One Step at a Time

Work is about getting things done. The best way improve productivity is to practice Kaizen. It’s that simple. One step at a time. Kaizen is a Japanese word that roughly translates into “slow improvement”. It is a perfect method to use to perfect a process and begin the practice of continuous improvement. It makes tasks easier and more effective. Isn’t that what a good … [Read More...]

5 Tips to Advance Your Career

5 Tips to Advance Your Career

Do you want to advance your career? If so what are you waiting for? Start taking the steps needed to advance your career today. It’s not going to happen unless YOU make it happen. Do Your Job Well The most important thing you can do to advance you career within your own company is to do a kick ass job. Show that you can deliver results with ever task and role you have. Be the … [Read More...]

5 Keys to Employee Development

Employee Growth

Employee development is the ongoing process between an employee and a manager. Companies need rising stars to fill new positions and one of your roles as a manager is to foster employee development to meet these needs. All employees will benefit from development, but you should concentrate on those who show the most potential first. The 5 Keys to Employee Development There … [Read More...]

How To Counsel An Employee Performance Issue

Not Working

To counsel an employee for a performance issue you need to gather all the facts and follow specific steps to have a positive outcome. As a manager you will need to be tactful, specific and timely when dealing with the issue. Observe The Performance Issue Before you counsel an employee about a performance issue you need to observe their on-the-job behavior. This way when you … [Read More...]

Microsoft Office Professional 2010 CHEAP


Get Microsoft Office Professional 2010 for just $79.95! Microsoft offers this promotion to college students or anyone with a .edu email address that qualifies. Microsoft Office Professional 2010 retails for $499 so this a huge discount. Sure there are free alternatives to Microsoft Office products, but Microsoft Office dominates in the business world. It is very beneficial … [Read More...]

Use Performance Management to Build a Strong Culture of Performance


Building a strong culture of performance through performance management is critical to meet challenges, promote innovation and develop top performing teams. A strong culture of performance fosters a vision of "One Company, One Team" in your company. This vision will lead to teams and departments actively seeking proactive ways to drive value to the business and promote new … [Read More...]

Quality Management System – Customer Focused

IT Quality Management System

A customer focused quality management system needs to be an essential part of IT to meet the required levels of service your business needs. IT is charged with providing an ever-increasing line of products and services to the business. In our nanosecond world the quality of those products and services is paramount. To meet the desired level of service quality management … [Read More...]

Worried About Being Laid Off? 10 Ways To Avoid The Pink Slip

Avoid The Pink Slip

Are you one of many IT professionals who is worried about being laid off? Many IT professionals are looking over their shoulder for the pink slip. As companies are pressed to cut costs many have looked to cutting heads as a way to save money. It does not matter if you have been with the company 20 years or 20 months you could be laid off. Many highly skilled IT professionals … [Read More...]

How To Develop Your Rising Stars

Employee Growth

Development of your rising stars is an important role for managers and for your company. Future managers and leadership need to be developed to fill the needs due to the upcoming retirement boom. IT is graying and it is starting to show. Succession planning need to be part of your corporate strategy. As a manager you probably already know who your rising stars are. Those who … [Read More...]

Quality Management System Principles For IT

IT Quality Management

For IT quality of service is not just for networks anymore. IT is now a service based organization. IT should follow quality management system practices and principles for the products and services it provides since they are vital to the performance of the business. Most best practices used in IT today define a quality management system (QMS). A QMS defines the standards of … [Read More...]

5 Ways to Stay Positive in Negative Situations

Smiley Face

We all face negative situations in our life. Someone may say something bad about you, or something you’ve worked hard on is rejected. In situations like this it is difficult to keep a positive attitude. However we're judged by our communications so staying positive is the professional way to react to adverse situations. Your natural inclination is to release your inner … [Read More...]