PC Power Management Solutions

GreenIT_square In a recent report from Forrester Research 69 percent of IT leaders surveyed reported they had not implemented any enterprise wide power management initiatives. Despite the cries to “Green IT” it appears most IT departments still do not get it.

One area that IT can reduce energy costs is with PCs. The US Environmental Protection Agency reports that  a PC left on overnight is wasting between $25 and $75 of electricity a year. Multiply that by hundreds or thousands of PCs and you can see the wasted dollars add up.

Verdiem Surveyor Power Management Solution

Verfiem’s Surveyor is one option to cut cost and your carbon footprint. One client, Washington Mutual has over 39,000 PCs under management with a projected annual cost savings of $3,000,000 and a reduced PC energy bill of nearly 60%.

Features Include

  • Out-of-the-box energy consumption and savings reports including detailed insight into user activity/inactivity, power state transitions and policy settings across all devices.
  • Maximize energy savings with comprehensive power policy settings without impacting end-user productivity.
  • Gracefully manage business applications by allowing administrators to save data in open applications, backing up applications or gracefully shutting them down.
  • Seamless remote desktop access allows users to wake their machine for unfettered access regardless of enforced power policies.
  • Minimize administration with centralized management of power policies and device configuration.
  • Reliable wakeup of devices enables efficient patch management and easy off-hours maintenance.
  • Integrated support for Microsoft SCCM 2007 (Configuration Manager) improves efficiency of patch management and software updates through synchronous wakeup of PCs.
  • Secure and reliable connectivity with SSL encryption and certificate-based authentication.
  • Support for Intel® vPro™ technology ensures enhanced Wake-on-WAN manageability, security and increased savings potential.

Watch a demo of the Verdiem Surveyor power management solution.


For more information visit the Verdiem web site.


NightWatchman from 1E is another PC power management solution. NightWatchman uses extremely reliable and proven technology to enable centralized, scheduled power down of PCs. It allows organizations to enforce corporate energy saving schemes.

Features and Benefits Include

  • Reduces bottom-line energy costs, saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions
  • Automatically powers down PCs according to a centrally controlled policy
  • Protects unsaved user data prior to shutdown
  • Provides fast, detailed reporting on current and potential future savings
  • Schedules daily, immediate or one-off shutdowns
  • Centrally controllable using any systems management tool
  • Minimizes the window of opportunity for virus infiltration
  • Easily installable lightweight desktop client

For more information visit the 1E web site.