Ten Things Your Employees Want

learnlead As managers we get so busy with our own work we can overlook the needs of our employees. Do you know what makes your employees happy? The best employee performance management program will fall short of your goals if you fail to meet the basic needs of your employees.

Why should you care? Employees who are happy in the job are more productive and more content. They have fewer sick days, better attendance records and higher morale. They are more loyal and less likely to seek other employment.

Do you want a high performance team? Then find out what you employees want and give it to them. Trust me, they are not asking for much.

Dear Manager,

I love my job and I think you are a good manager, but there are some things I would like to hear from you and some things I would like you to do.

1. I want you to give me praise. I want to know when I have done a good job. Don’t let the only time you have a serious conversation with me be when I have done something wrong. Let me know when I have done something right.

2. Tell me what my job is, how to do it and what rules I need to follow. I want to clearly understand what my job is, how you want me to do it and what policies I need to follow. Be specific and give me clear instructions.

3. I want to be excited by my work. I don’t want a dull, boring job where I never know what is going on. Get me excited about what my role is, what our project is, about our department and our company. Show me how I fit into the plan.

4. Challenge me. I don’t want to keep doing the same job each day. Give me something new to do. Challenge my skills and my mind. I can contribute more than you think.

5. Give me opportunities to improve myself. I am a good worker, but I want to be a better one. Train me in something new, send me to a class, let me learn a new skill from a coworker. Help me develop my career. Help me to be better able to help you.

6. Delegate to me. When you need something done let me do it. Let me prove that I am capable of doing more. Trust me to get the job done right and on time. It will build my confidence and my respect that you can trust me with a task.

7. Deal with my coworker. You explained the policies I must follow, but you need to back it up by enforcing those policies. Be fair and treat everyone equally. It kills my morale when a coworker is not disciplined for consistently breaking the rules.

8. Inspire me. Show me you are passionate about your work, about our team, about our project. Share your vision for our department and our team. Tell me what our mission statement is and why it is important.

9. Ask for my opinions and ideas. I have worked here a long time and I know what works and what doesn’t. Ask me how things can be improved and what we can do to make our team and our department more productive and successful.

10. Improve my work environment. My desk and chair are. My computer is old and slow. I need a new one with a monitor that does not hurt my eyes. You need to remodel our break area. I will be happier and be more productive in an improved work environment.

Your Employee

Management is About People

ITPS Never forget it is your employees who get the work done and that they are human. They have needs and they look to you to fill them. When you ignore them they become unhappy with their job even though they may like their work.

Here are a couple of posts that will help you connect and learn the needs of your employees.

Leadership and management should never forget who does the work. ITPS. Be sure to take the time and make the effort to meet the needs of your employees. It will benefit them, you and your company.