5 Ways to Improve Your Workspace

6Is your desk a mess? Cables running everywhere, papers stacked two feet high, cups, holders and bins  everywhere? A clean and organized workspace will do wonders for your productivity and your state of mind.

This week Lifehacker ran a series of posts on how to “Supercharge Your Workspace”. There were lots of good ideas for improving your workspace with do it yourself projects and tips. Here is a list of five of their best posts on ways to improve your workspace.

1. Rejuvenate Your Workspace with These Office Supply Favorites

Decluttering tools, paper and note-taking tools, desktop accessories, food and drive, surge protectors and chargers. Some great tips for getting your workspace organized and more productive.

2. Three Great—but Cheap—Office Upgrades

Hanging buckets or cups to keep yours stuff organized, out-of-the-way, but easy to get to. Cable management and a laptop or a monitor stand.

3. Greatly Improve Your Physical Workspace with Small Changes

This is a good article about making your workspace more ergonomic and comfortable. Lots of good tips and links to ways to improve the esthetics of your workspace.

4. Beat Your Filing Cabinet into Shape with a Filing System Workflow

How to organize and keep up your filing system. This is a great article that shows with a little planning and work you can set up a system where you can always find the paperwork you are looking for.

5. Re-Evaluate Your Office Gear to Simplify and Declutter

In the spirit of a 5S System for your office, this post is all about sorting and cleaning out what is not needed in the workspace. Reducing the clutter in your workspace not only makes it look better, but you can find what you need and it will help you become more productive.


  1. Gabbrielle Suarez says

    These are great ideas to organize a workplace. :)
    Personally, on everything I do, from working on my personal life to managing a business to organizing my work environment; I have one great productivity tip on mind. Setting big audacious goals. Because according to this awesome post I have recently bumped into; Productivity is not about accomplishing a list of tasks, it’s about achieving the big and important tasks that will make a difference in my life.
    From then on, I experienced greater results of productivity. We should take a risk or something out of the ordinary to be able to see what kind of difference it’ll make in our life.